Yesterday we had the visit of J. Lopez de Pablo and R. McLaughlin of @paleodem_eu to work on very exciting paleodemographic data! @ERC_Research #Paleolithic #Archaeology #rstats @ICArEHB

INAPH researcher, Javier Fernández López de Pablo will participate in the Christmas event with Raicex, organized by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society. 20th December (Alicante, Spain)

La Generalitat reúne en Alicante a un centenar de científicos y científicas de excelencia en su estrategia de atracción y retorno del talento vía @GVAinforma

The #fantastictaxa workshop is underway, tackling questions of cultural taxonomic practice in Palaeolithic archaeology, globally & comparatively, cf. Thanks @ERC_CLIOARCH bringing us together at @AarhusUni to plan the future of taxonomies in archaeology!