Researchers working on PALEODEM project team have attended the XVIIIth world UISPP Congress (4th-9th June 2018, Paris, France).

A total of four contributions have presented preliminary results of the ongoing studies both concerning multiscalar and multidisciplinary intra-site analysis of Mesolithic habitat structures from Arenal de la Virgen and Casa Corona:

  1. Rabuñal, J.R., Polo-Diaz, A., Fernández López de Pablo, J.  The Early Mesolithic open-air site of El Arenal de la Virgen (Villena, Alicante, SE Iberian Peninsula). New technological and spatial data from recent excavations.
  2. Polo-Díaz, A., Poch, R.M., Carrión, Y., Rabuñal, J. R., Cañadilla, J. A., Fernández López De Pablo, J. Early Mesolithic hearth pits in SE Iberia: a multiscalar interdisciplinary approach to
    clarify formation processes.
  3.  Gómez-Puche M., Polo-Diaz, A., Rabuñal-Gayo, J.R., Cañadilla, J.A., Esquembre, M.A., Fernández-López de Pablo, J. Mesolithic habitat structures at open-air sites in Villena (Alicante, Southeastern Spain): Current investigations and research perspectives

And also regional analysis of socioecological dynamics at Early Holocene open-air sites correlated with high-resolution palaeoenvironmental proxies:

4. Fernández-López de Pablo, J., Brisset, E., Rabuñal-Gayo, J.R., Gómez-Puche M., Burjachs, F., Esquembre, M.A. Early Holocene socio-ecological dynamics in the central Mediterranean region of Iberia.